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ATV, UTV, Golf Cart, go kart and Scooter Maintenance/Repair

We are tool and small engine repair experts focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We offer free pick-up and delivery on most items in Bloomington and Normal, Illinois. Family owned & operated business, servicing all major brands.


Yamaha Scooter  ATV UTVRepair Bloomington, IL

Scooter, ATV, UTV, Golf Cart. Maintenance/Repair

Individualized Repair is the best ATV service shop in the area.

We tune up, service and repair all makes and models

A typical ATV/Go Kart/Scooter tuneup will include:

Manual startup of equipment

Check operation

Change oil/filter if applicable

Replace or clean air filter (Most ATV filters are foam cleanable)

Replace Spark Plug(s)

Do visual inspection of wiring/belts

Check battery charging voltage (if applicable)

Check equipment condition, safety and proper ground

Do visual check of fuel supply lines

Check RPM

Set/adjust exercise time (if requested)

Carburetor flush/cleaning (if needed)

Carburetor Adjustment (if needed)

Fuel line flush/cleaning (if needed)

Prices for this service varies widely based on make/model or issue but usually run from $150 and up

*Note- Additional repairs may be recommended and other parts are additional if needed.

We will notify you if these are necessary before completing the repair.

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