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LawnMower and Snow blower Pick Up and Delivery Services

We are tool and small engine repair experts focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We offer free pick-up and delivery on most items in Bloomington and Normal, Illinois. Family owned & operated business, servicing all major brands.


Lawn Mower Snow Blower Service Repair Normal Bloomington IL

Lawn Mower and Snow Blower Pick Up and Delivery Services

We are pleased to offer pick up and delivery services for all the equipment we service!

For push lawn mowers, generators and snow blowers in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois there is no extra charge!

(Other items are available at no charge also - just call)

We are fully insured and take great care of your equipment!

Riding mowers, commercial mowers and other larger equipment will have a charge to cover our cost's and time to retrieve and deliver your equipment.

The standard riding mower pick up fee in town is $35 round trip.

Commercial and zero turn mower in town fee is $50 round trip.

Out of town pick up and delivery fees vary by location.

These fees will normally be waived if servicing (annually) more than three years in a row.

We Make It Easy!


You don't have to be home.

We know it is no fun sitting at home waiting for someone to come by and get your equipment.

When we write up your service order, we will ask you where the machine is. (shed, barn, side of the house, etc..)

We will pick it up from where you have it stored.

If you have it stored in your garage or other secured area, all you have to do is leave it outside for us.

When your machine is done, we will deliver it back in place for you.

That is how we make it so easy!

Won't it get stolen?

We've been repairing equipment since 2007 and in all that time we have never had a customer lose a piece of equipment.

If you are not comfortable with this or would like to be home when we pick up or deliver your equipment we can schedule a window on a particular day to get your equipment picked up or delivered.

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By using Individualized Repair's free pick up and delivery services you do not have to:

Load up your own equipment

Borrow a trailer if you don’t already have one

Get gas, oil, grass, or obnoxious odors and stains in your vehicle

Take time from your busy schedule to pick up and drop off equipment

Worry about your equipment for weeks or months while it is being fixed

How It Works

To schedule an appointment call (309) 706-0946 or visit our Contact Us page.

We will give you a day and time we can come get it picked up

If you will not be available that day or would not like to be there just leave your lawn mower, snow blower,or other equipment outside in the morning and it will be picked up or ready to go (for on site services) when you get home!

We come to your house and fix it on the spot or take it back to the shop to be repaired and return it when we are finished.

Leave a check, give us a credit card number, or pay with PayPal.

All repairs must be paid in full at the time of completion or delivery.

It's really that easy!

Please note that some services/issues are not available to be repaired on site. We do not perform any carburetor work on site due to the sensitivity to dirt or debris that is possible outside of a controlled shop environment. Not all items are available for our free pick up services.

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