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Tips and Information

We are tool and small engine repair experts focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We offer free pick-up and delivery on most items in Bloomington and Normal, Illinois. Family owned & operated business, servicing all major brands.


Lawn Garden Repair Bloomington/Normal Illinois Service Delivery

Lawn and Garden Equipment

It is very important to keep your lawn & garden tools oiled, sharpened and maintenance before using them for the season. The main thing with lawn mowers and pressure washers is changing the oil and making sure the oil level is correct. Too much oil and the oil will get into the combustion chamber or carburetor causing it to smoke, run badly and eventually not run at all. Too little oil and it will overheat causing major engine damage quickly.

Weed eaters, tillers and leaf blowers require that you use the correct oil/gas mixture in most cases. Make sure you read your equipment for correct mixing ratio and use high quality gas. If you use too much oil the engine will be hard to start, this will not cause any major damage but can cause equipment not to start at all because of the low explosive properties. If the mix does not have enough oil the engine will overheat causing damage.

We recommend using small bottles with a gallon of gas, using premixed gas/oil or using oil that has a measuring reservoir on top for quick, easy and accurate mixing. Spark plugs in all of these items should be changed yearly to ensure proper running and blades/chains should be sharpened or replaced if needed to cause less stress and resistance on the engine, belts, pulleys and bearings.

Keeping these done will ensure your equipment runs like new for years to come and your yard will look great. If you would like us to take a look and do regular maintenance give us a call.

We service all major brands of lawn equipment including but not limited to - Ariens, Gravely, Bad Bay, BeeLine, Bush hog, Briggs and Stratton, Murray, Woods, Snapper, Simplicity, Ferris, Craftsman, Sears, Dixie Chopper, Grasshopper, Excel, Husqvarna, Dixon, Poulan, McCulloch, WeedEater, John Deere, MTD, Troy-Bilt, Toro, American Yard Products (AYP), Kubota, Stihl, Bolens, Cub Cadet, White, Yard Man, Yard Machines & Huskee, Scag, Kohler, Kawasaki, Honda and National.

Husqvarna Exmark honda stihl small engine repair normal bloomington illinois service pick up delivery

Small Engines

Small engines take a beating especially from contractors and builders. None of us are as good as we like to think about checking oil and making sure things are operating properly.

The number one thing to remember on you small engines is to maintain a proper oil level and change when needed. We recommend changing the oil at least once per year, twice per year is best, once before season and once toward the middle of season.

If this is not done your engine will run hot and likely severely damage the piston, valves and other parts which will cost you majorly to have replaced or repaired.

Make sure you do not overfill the oil because this will cause oil to get into the carburetor or combustion chamber and the engine will smoke, run badly or not run at all.

Make sure your intake filters are always cleaned regularly and replaced when needed or your oil will get contaminated causing the engine not to run as efficiently, premature engine damage or not run at all because the engine is being choked out.

MAKE SURE FUEL IS FRESH:This is the single most problem we see all year, dirty carburetors cause major engine trouble such as hard starting, bad idling, stalling or not starting at all. If fuel is

more than two months old, do not use it plain and simple!

We service and repair all makes and models of small engines on all construction equipment, lawn equipment, snow blowers and air compressors. We also offer preventative maintenance such as tune ups, oil changes, carburetor cleaning and complete engine rebuilds. These services will save you a lot of money and hassle in the future from breakdowns.

We Have A Few Repair Video's On Youtube If You Would Like To Check Them Out

Fuel Treatment

Dirty Carburetor Bad Gas Repair Service Shop Bloomington Normal Illinois

Ethanol in fuel causes major issues in small engines. This is a carburetor completely corroded from bad gas. Some fuel treatment's help with keeping your gasoline fresh over time and combat moisture issues. Others do not do such a great job. The original point of treatments used for many years was maintaining the quality of the gasoline through chemical additives. Times have changed and with all the ethanol added small engines need an extra boost by eliminating this enemy.

Bad Gas Carburetor Clogged Repair Normal Illinois Engine Repair

We think the best way to do this is through fuel enzyme treatments. These enzymes break down ethanol, water and impurities and mix them into small enough molecules to pass through the fuel system without causing any damage or gumming and helps remove varnish caused by old fuel. Ask us about the best enzyme treatment on the market today and protect yourself from unnecessary repairs!

Hitachi Nail Gun Framer Framing Air Compressor Repair and Service Normal, IL

Nail Gun's and Other Pneumatic Tools

For all of our nail/staple guns and other pneumatic tool repairs we use a high temperature silicone grease for lubrication along with premium Bostitch tool oil. This grease is essential in giving your tools o-rings and seals the most longevity possible.

Other companies just use tool oil or inferior silicone compounds which cause your tools o-rings not to last as long. We use this for all repairs and do not charge any extra for this service even though it is an expensive compound. Stop paying other businesses more for less and switch to Individualized Repair for all of your nail gun repair needs today!

This summer when using your tools make sure they are well lubricated and keep your tanks drained as often as possible. During a high use day oil at least once in the morning and once after lunch. Drain tanks at the very least once daily after use.

We recommend Bostitch PREMIUM tool oil, there is a difference between the premium and regular Bostitch tool oil. Senco also makes a good premium lubricant.

This winter make sure that if you have to use your air tools and compressor that they are properly maintained. Most compressors pumps need the oil changed to a winter grade because of the viscosity summer grade oil has.

Use a tool antifreeze to keep air lines from freezing up. We recommend KilFrost or Coilhose Pneumatics winter grade oil. They run almost exactly the same price and most customers have good luck with both of them.

Automatic air tool mist lubricators work best to make sure your tools are getting the right amount of oil throughout the day.

No need with this to add oil to each tool, just one reservoir on the tank. Keep your tools running great and get more life out of them with this inexpensive means of oiling your tools.

We offer repairs on broken pneumatic tools but also offer preventative maintenance on these items. We completely dismantle tools, clean and lubricate them before there are issues that can damage key components causing costly repairs.

Damaged o-rings or seals can cause damage to cylinders, pistons, bumpers, triggers, head valves and other parts.

The preventative maintenance we perform stops this from happening and makes sure your parts are all in clean good working order without dirt, debris or damaged parts that can cause major repair expenses.

rol air compressor repair and service bloomington and normal, il 61761 61704

Air Compressors

We repair and service all brands makes and models of air compressors. Air compressors are great tools to have and can be very expensive to repair if maintenance is not kept up on them.

Standard splash lubed air compressors require that you keep enough oil in them at all times and keep them on a level surface to keep the pistons lubed properly.

They also require you keep a good quality compressor oil in them for reduced carbon buildup and proper lubrication. DO NOT USE regular oil. It has foaming agents that will quickly ruin your air compressor pump!

Air compressors can be seriously damaged if the intake filter is not kept clean. Always clean filters regularly and replace when damaged or blocked beyond cleaning. If you do not keep them clean then dust, dirt and debris can become lodged in your intake/reed valves or pistons/cylinders and cause serious and costly damage.

We offer maintenance service on all air compressors and will go through all of these things and make sure your compressor will operate properly without damages caused during use. These services are not costly and will save you a great deal of money and downtime later.

Most common gas air compressor problems are caused by the following:

Not running on level ground - Pumps are splash lubricated and require to be ran on a level surface. If ran on uneven ground the pump and all components become hot and will cause major damages.

Not draining tanks at least once daily - Rust, water and oil gather and will get into your unloader valves, pressure gauges, regulator, inlets and tools causing damage.

Not changing/checking oil levels in pump/engine regularly as recommended by manufacturer - Oil is very important, both levels of oil and oil quality will give your compressor much more life if kept properly lubricated.

Most air compressor manufacturers recommend changing air compressor pump oil every 50-100 hours. This means if you are using your compressor all day every day, you may want to look into a regular maintenance program with us!

Not correctly regulating air to your tools. Most tools run at 120 PSI max but some require a max of 90 PSI. If you run your tools over pressure it causes major damage very quickly. Use the pressure regulator to adjust output air and make sure the gauges are properly measuring output pressure.

If all of these are followed closely your compressor will last for years to come with little or no issues over the life of the compressor.

Automatic Oiler Air Compressor Service Repair Delivery Bloomington Normal Illinois
Electric Motor Repair Normal, IL 61761 Service Delivery

Automatic Oiler/Lubicator

Automatic air tool mist lubricators work best to make sure your tools are getting the right amount of oil throughout the day.

No need with this to add oil to each tool, just one reservoir on the tank. Keep your tools running great and get more life out of them with this inexpensive means of oiling your tools.

For most compressors with parts and labor to put an automatic lubricator/oiler on runs about $85. For this amount of money you can not afford to be without one! Give us a call today to get it all set up!

Electric Tools & Motors

Most electric tools and equipment are pretty easy to care for if they are not abused severely. For example when mixing mortar, use a drill that is equipped to do this job, not one that is meant for drilling or hammering.

Most electric tools will last for years if brushes are changed when they get low, bearings are changed when going bad and they are cleaned/lubed regularly.

We offer these preventive maintenance services at low costs to keep you tools running smoothly for years!

Electric motors do not have allot of issues usually if bearings are changed when they get rough. If there is loud or unusual noise coming from you motor you probably have bearing issues and need them replaced before they lock up, explode or ruin the end bells and cause the motor to heat up and burn the winding.

These services are much cheaper and easier than replacing the entire motor!

Battery Pack Rebuild Normal Bloomington Illinois Service On Site

Tool Battery Rebuilds

We rebuild battery packs of all kinds back to working condition with better cells than were originally in the unit. This means up to 30% more life out of a charge and up to 50% longer life out of your batteries!

Prices are kept low and are spot welded to achieve great permanent welds without the mess and damage that other companies do with soldering batteries.

Soldering need about 600 degrees to achieve the proper effect and batteries above 160 degrees can and will cause damage. You have seen it - distended, leaking batteries destroying anything in their path. Do not go this route, get you batteries rebuilt by Individualized Repair!

Battery packs can be rebuilt in a variety of items - Power tools, segways, electric scooters, RC cars, cordless vacuums, electric lawn mowers and many other tools, equipment and home use products.

We use only high quality cells with high output ratings that last much longer than the original battery pack did!

Some litium ion batteries can be rebuilt. Sealed lithium ion batteries can not be rebuilt. Give us a call for more information. We rebuild all NiCad and NiMH batteries!

Pricing for this runs about $3.00 per volt with labor and materials included for NICad and NiMH. So if you have a 12V Battery it will run around $36 for the rebuild. Lithium Ion battery pack rebuilds vary so contact us for details!

Remember that this rebuilt battery will be better and last longer than the original battery that came with the unit.

Senco Paslode Bosch Dewalt Air Free Repair Bloomington Normal Illinois Service

Air Free/Cordless/Impulse Tools

Proper cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of Senco AirFree, Stanley-Bostitch cordless, Paslode Impulse and Hitachi cordless tools is what keeps these tools being an asset rather than a headache. All of these tools require filters be kept clean and free of dirt/debris in order to get a good fuel to air ratio for firing.

These kind of tools provide a great option for small jobs or jobs where getting air would be cumbersome. They work with a fuel cell, a battery that creates spark and a combustion chamber. The tip is depressed which shoots butane into the chamber, the safeties engage and you pull the trigger for the batter to create a spark and drive the nail.

These tools utilize either o-rings or metal rings to provide proper seal for combustion. If your filter is dirty the tool will not get enough air causing improper firing, no firing at all or will cause some debris to be pulled into the tool.

When debris mixes with oil and carbon deposits inside the tool the seal for combustion becomes weak or non-existent. When this happens you will have intermittent firing, no firing or weak firing.

Oil based on owners manual recommendations as stated, keep the filters clean and do regular cleaning (or have it done by professionals) and this gun will be the asset you paid for it to be.

Give us a call to find out more about pricing for regular cleaning and maintenance on your cordless, Impulse, or AirFree tools today!

Other Repairs

We also repair air free tools, cordless tools, saws, drills, generators, power washers, salamanders, small engines, battery operated tools, chain saws, garden tractors, go-karts, lawn sweepers, mini ATVs, power blowers/vacuums, power washers, pull behind mowers, riding mowers, string trimmers, tillers, transfer pumps, gas engines, walk behind mowers and much more.

If you would like more information on these services or have any questions at all do not hesitate to call today!

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Individualized Repair

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