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Zero Turn and Commercial Equipment Tune-Up, Service and Repair

We are tool and small engine repair experts focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We offer free pick-up and delivery on most items in Bloomington and Normal, Illinois. Family owned & operated business, servicing all major brands.


Ferris Commercial Mower Repair Service Normal Bloomington Illinois

Commercial and Zero Turn Radius Lawn Mower Rep‚Äčair and Service

Individualized Repair is the area's best commercial and zero turn lawn mower service shop in the area.

We tune up, service and repair commercial and zero turn mowers.

A typical tuneup will include:

Changing the oil.

Tuning up the engine.

Changing the spark plug(s)

Inspect tires and adjust tire pressure

Cooling fin cleaning

Test and service hydraulic system if needed

Check and adjust drive system

Replacing the air filter/fuel filter

Deck scraping and general cleaning on unit

Check battery and charging system

Level and inspect deck

Check/inspect/adjust all cables

Inspect bearings, pulleys, spindles and blades

Sharpen and balance blade(s)

Test PTO system

Test or service starting system

Run, test and adjust as needed

Prices for this service varies pretty widely based on make/model but most commercial and zero turn tune ups cost around $250 with part's and labor. There are residential zero turn mowers which come in much less for this service and commercial mowers that run more.

*Please not that this price does not include additional items that may be needed such as belts, bearings, blades, spindles, cables or other things. These will be estimated and approved before performing.

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